Saturday, May 5th 2018

11:30 AM -12:30 PM

     The Bridge Healing Center

     1818 Hanover Pike 

     Hampstead,   Maryland 21074

Start your weekend off learning about and practice the Hara Chiryo Ho, a Reiki Japanese Meditation to purify and clear the body.
The Hara is the energetic center, a couple of inches below the navel inside your body. The word Hara in Japanese literally refers to the lower abdomen, the term also has psychological and spiritual connotations in Japanese culture. The Hara is the unification of a person’s physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions; it is where your inner power comes from. It is considered the Source of Life whereupon your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies are balanced.
This Meditation Class will
  • allow you to purify and clear the body and is an excellent grounding techique for anyone who is feeling unbalanced, stressed or overwhelmed in life
  • remove the mental chatter leaving you clear and focused
  • remove unwanted energy that no longer serves you through the strength of your original energy - that which comes from your Hara
  • create a healing space for yourself that you can practice daily
  • provide you with the ability to experience being present where Self-Healing begins 
Join Dulsanea, Animal Reiki Practitioner & Teacher, as she leads you on this energetic guided meditation that will purify, clear and ground you.
You will also receive additional meditation tips on how to connect deeper with your animal(s) as you create your healing space!
Cost $25.00
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