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4 Simple Ways to Meditation with Your Animal

Meditation is a state of being present, with a clear mind, or "no mind". It is one of the most effective ways to find peace within.

The Traditional Japanese Reiki system is all about mindfulness and meditation using breathing techniques as one way of creating a healing space. This state of being is one of the most effective ways of practicing being alert, focuse and present all throughout your day.

creating a healing space through love and compassion
Accept the Moment

Taking a stress-reduction break whether its 5 minutes or 20, is simple! Meditation is a perfect method of allowing the body to heal. Studies show meditating for just 10 minutes increased Alpha-waves and decreased anxiety and depression. (Psychology Today- The Science of Meditation)

Here are 4 easy steps to start your daily meditation practice:

First and foremost its best not to have any expectations of how it will be or if it will be for you and or your animal. Expections is the ego taking over allowing worring and anxiety to enter.

Choose a time of day where you know you will not be interrupted. Find a place whether in your home, outside, by the barn, lake, river, stream (you get the idea) or in your office that you are comfortable and where you pet is free to come into the room/area of their own choosing. Also have some water nearby for afterwards, to help continue to ground yourself and connect with the Earth.

Meditation is not about falling asleep, its about becoming connected to your whole self which is why I not laying down.

1. Begin with sitting with your back nice and straight and arms relaxed in your lap. Palms can either be facing down or up. Lets now start with your breathing. Become aware of every breath. As you breath in through your nose imagine beautiful White Light coming down from the top of your head and travel along your spine. As you exhale out through your mouth, see that beautiful light (you can choose what ever color resonates for you) expand out of your body - to the room or area - and out into the sky and universe ----As you exhale just release all of the daily stress out of th body. Do this for about 8-10 times and then just come back to regular breathing. Taking deep breaths will help you be present and allows oxygen to flow through the body- if you find your mind wander always come back to your deep breathing to connect with your body.

2. Now with that calm state, invite an animal into your healing peaceful space you have just created and just be with them. You can do this outloud in a calm voice, saying something like: "their name, would you like to be with me in this beautiful healing space?" Or ask them in your mind. If they are physically present they will come closer to you and settle down.

3. As you are creating this space for yourself and your animal fill your body-energy with love and compassion - this is the foundation to any healing process as you relax. Love & Compassion are not emotions but a vibrational energy that all animals can sense and thrive to and with. For example when you tell your animal how much you love them whether through words or just by a look, how do they respond? What type of energy do you feel? See?

Creating this healing space with your animal is a wonderful and beautiful way of relaxing and developing an even closer relationship with your pet/animal (s).

4. When you are ready, take another deep breath in through your nose and exhale out of the mouth. As you come back thank your animal for sharing this beautiful healing space. Wiggle your toes and your fingers to help bring you back and grounded here. Drink some water before moving around or if you still feel ungrounded, a lightness, run your hands under cool water.

That's it!

I invite you also to sign up now for my free audio meditation that you can listen to anytime .

If you would like to take your meditation to a deeper level of balancing your energies and support your animals health and well being check out Energy To Heal Yourself & Your Animal Online Course

Feel free to post how your session was like or if you have any questions. As always thank you for reading this article.

With Love & Gratitude,



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