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The 5 Reiki Principles

5 reiki principles are the foundation to living a balanced life

The 5 Reiki Principles are a guide to help live in balance and harmony. They are the 'Spiritual Medicine' for all illness.

Just for today:

No Anger

No Worries

Gratitude for my many Blessings

I do my work Honestly

I am compassionate to myself and all others

reiki precepts

Mikao Usui, who was enlighted with these and thus shared and teached the Reiki System, lived by these precepts and found them to be a spiritual development and healing.

Strive to live with these principles by receiting or meditating in the morning and evening. Allow what ever comes to mind that needs to be released as you are reciting them.

These 5 precepts have different meanings for everyone, see what they mean for you so you may find ways to connect with them in your daily life as you grow spiritually and heal physically.

The animals around you are wonderful and perfect teachers. They reflect back like a mirror of living in the present moment and harmony. Watch them. See how they live by these precepts and in doing so give back through your love and compassion as you live in a more balanced lifestyle. You will be amazed of what you receive!



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