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Reiki Lesson of Mutual Respect & Compassion with a 16 Week Old Kitten-Felis Rescue

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Just about every spring, a new litter of kittens and their mommies seem to show up in our barn-shed and this year was no exception! Our Laundry/Mud room offers them fresh food, water & safety from the weather and all elements. There were 6 kitties and after 3 months, one of our neighbors took in 5 of them and are happly homed, healthy and safe.

There was still one kitty left so we made sure he had plenty of food etc. and every night he would come in around dinner time, eat then go back out with other full grown male cats and eat again and sleep in his little bed and then resume the routine. This went on for about 2 more months. He who we thought was a 'she', started to responde to my sweet talk but only from a distance. Realizing she was a he, was doing roll-overs and purring, but the minute any of us reached out, he backed of and stood outside the door. So I started to offer him Reiki meditation, a safe healing energy space without any eye contact. It took 2 sessions and he would stay inside with me (the laundry room) during the session keeping myself at least 10 feet away. Purring, rolling over but still keeping his distance. We all made the decision, that he needs to be brought inside and be with our other cats.

Once we closed off the cat-door to the outside he was in panick mode, and we immediately got him (God, he was fast and fiesty!) in the carrier and headed for his doctor's appointment to make sure he was healthy and fixed. On the way he calmed down but I knew he was in shock, not understanding where his outdoor world went, but in confinement. As I offered Reiki on the way to the vets' his heart-rate came down and he quietly slept! That was a great sign that he choosed to receive the calming energy; all the while I imagined to him we are helping him and he was safe.

We knew he was fast and is strong enough to get out of anyone's hold, and told the vet's to make sure they have him inclosed space while examining and treating him and they were really glad, because a couple of times he got away until his local anethesia started to kick in! When we picked him up the next moring the full report is he is very healthy, strong and is a Felis catus! Looking that up it means "Felis is a genus of small and medium-sized cat species native to most of Africa and south of 60° latitude in Europe and Asia to Indochina.[1] All we knew is he deserves a chance for a safe happy home and we were committed to providing that!

At home we made our workout room in the basement his safe haven until we could intergrate him upstairs in my office where we scheduled to have the door replaced with a french door with window panes so everyone could see each other. Okay, so still in shock, nervous and no eye contact I just stayed with him in meditation, creating a calm space. After about an hour he feel asleep. An hour or so later I checked on him and poof, Trek was gone! No doors open the door to the sump pump was still closed and the fan door to the back boiler room was sealed tight! Yup, I was in a little panick mode, but took a couple of deep breaths and I started to search found him in the sump pump area! I looked down and there were green eyes staring right back at me, but under the cement floor! The sump pump itself was totally sealed off so nothing gets in or out! Okay how do I coax him back out that hole which I have no idea how far under the house it goes! As soon as I looked at him without a word, zoom! he turns around further under the floor! Realizing we really need outside help now, we called a friend of the family who could possible help figure out where Trek was and help get out safe and sound. Robert Reed a contractor who builds kitchens came over and he and his son evaluated the situation and figured out they had to remove in the room next door the bathroom vanity and shut off the entrance tunnel areas (3 of the them) to get closer to Trek (oh btw, we were all calling him Tabby thinking that was his name until all the excitment was over, his name came to me just yesterday! He wants to be called Trek! He finally came out with a little help of water hose gently spraying him where to go and out he came and we got him into a carrier until he settled down. 5 hours later and not so muddy since he gave himself a bath, did he come out and immediately hide behind all the weights!

Scared kitten

I just put fresh food down and decided to give him his space knowing we have totally secured all the areas by blocking off both doors with heavy stacked containers and pulled up the floor board of the treadmill since he liked to go under there as well.

Later that night I went back downstairs and quietly walked in the room and once again I could not find him!! As I turned around to head back upstairs for help I saw something dark on the treadmill panel screen and it was our little kitten! With all my love and gently sweet talk Trek just stared at me directly!! Yes, we have eye contact. From that point on I knew in my heart of heart he was ok both emotionally and physically. What an experience we all had with him. Below you can see a video of that exactl moment and how he responded.

Trek accepting reiki healing energy

Once the new french door was in place by Robert & Co. who did a great job, Trek settled in naturally!

What comes from this story is true Love and Compassion, a lesson that both Trek opened himself to while simultaneoulsy hearing what he needed in order to connect with us! Giving him the respect and space he needed to know that we are here to protect and love him was all he needed to settle in beautifully.

Nov 3 update:

Reiki energy creates a calming environment for animals

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