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#1 Critical Difference Between an Animal Reiki Session and Reiki for People

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Reiki is a Japanese system of healing that brings together meditation and healing touch which is used on humans and animals in a variety of human health care settings as well in Veternarians, Holistic Animal care centers and animal shelters all across the world. Reiki is pronounced “ray key” which means Spiritual Healing.

There are numerous benefits of receiving Reiki for all species: Here are just a few...

  • Animal Reiki calms scared, fearful animals

  • Helps reduce stress, induces relaxation to promote better healing

  • Great for ferals, wildlife, rescues, hard to reach & handle animals

  • Long distance energy healing works anywhere in the world

  • Animal's energy fields includes spiritual, emotional, mental & physical well being

  • ​Animal Reiki is a natural safe healing tool

One critical difference between human treatments and an animal Reiki sessions, is there are a specific number of hand position placed directly on the body of the person; whereas, with animals the approach is very different. In animals the treatment is approached very differently so that the animals permission and comfort level during the session is ensured. I go into a Reiki Meditation, creating a healing space and the animal will determine the whereas, hows and whens of the treatment, and in doing so will become the leader in his/her own healing process.

Animals decide how's & where the healing energy goes

Depending upon what an animal is comfortable with, I may place my hands (in person sessions of course), directly on the body, or I may sit some distance away, creating a peaceful, harmonious healing space through meditation. Animals are very sensitive, so even if I am not touching them, they still benefit and you can see that in their body language. Remember, energy is all around us and it travels through time and space, so whether a Reiki Practitioner is in person or providing a peaceful healing space long distance, the animal & human companion benefit.

Typical signs that he/she is accepting the treatment is going to sleep, nap, relaxing, and or sighing or yawning. Another sign is movement during treatment, but an overall sense of peace and tranquility is very common.

Reiki can do no harm, and only works to rebalance and harmonize according to your animal's openness and wish. Feel free to contact me by email for questions/concerns you have about your animal and how Reiki can help.



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