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Experience Meditation with Your Animal(s) on a Live Conference Call!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Experience How Reiki Meditation Works with Your Animal!

ON Dec 3, 2016

Animals decide on their healing process

Start your Saturday morning on a conference call with Dulsanea as she takes you through a Reiki meditation with your animal(s) via by phone from the comfort of your home. Followed by a discussion of what and how animal reiki meditation works w a Q&A afterwards! All attendees will receive a gift!

cats love reiki energy

Get the details of the live call here!

One of the signs that they are accepting the Reiki energy is a calm and peaceful state, including sighing or yawning and sleeping. You both will experience an overall sense of peace and serenity.

relaxation is a sign an animal is accpeting reiki energy

Everyone will receive a special gift as well. So mark your calendar for DECEMBER 3rd (Saturday) @ 9:30 AM-10:30 AM

Update! for those that missed the call here is the recorded call.

Blessings Everyone !

Looking forward to meeting you on the call :)

Love & Light


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