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Reiki for a Snow Bird

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Today, with the winter storm, brings beauty as the birds and squirrels are enjoying the fresh seeds. We were watching (my cats love to watch - play & 'chat' with them!) all of the animals in the back yard were enjoying their seeds & nuts, then all of sudden I heard a thump, and saw a small snow bird laying on top of the ice packed snow. Instantly, instincts kicked in and Reiki to the Rescue. Apparently, she hit the living room window and bounced back about 5 feet onto the snow not moving.

Gently, I cupped her into my hands and allow what ever the course for her to be with her being in charge....as she said "yes" to receiving the healing energy! She wasn't shaking or seemed to be nervous that she was in my hand. On the contrary, she was very comfortable and allowed me to move around so I could get a couple of pics and put gloves on. At one point I even dropped my phone in the snow, but that didn't concern her one bit!

What an honor and blessing to be at the right place for all the right reasons! I always give thanks and blessings to any animal whether they accept healing energy, near or far! I totally believe that we are all given opportunities, it's just a matter of recognizing and then stepping up to the plate and seeing how nature takes over...

Offering reiki to a injuried snow bird

healing energy for wild bird

Offering her some food....

bird accepting reiki healing energy

There was nothing else that matter; just being there for her and allowing what ever needed to happen. It was so quiet, I could hear her chirping! Her little body was comfortably warm, not hot and not cold, which instinctively told me she was going to be alright.

At on point, she even allowed me to check her wings to make sure nothing was broken. Amazing....

After about 36 minutes into the session, she decided it was time to go!

Have you ever had a moment in time where you had to make a quick decision to help an animal?

I'd love to hear about, so feel free to share!

Thank you for reading this post...

Warmth and Blessings,


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