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Reiki for 2 Returning Sheltered Dogs

Many of you know I volunteer weekly providing Reiki at the balitmore humane society. This past weekend my instincts guided me to the K-9 area first where I focused on 2 dogs, Duke and Sailor (with whom I have shared Reiki healing space with in the past). They were both returned to the shelter due to different circumstance but the same results ... they welcomed the Reiki energy!

After the staff member provided me with the details for each, accepting this and not allowing any emotions about the how's and why's, (knowing that was the past and this is now) - I headed into the visiting room (away from the kennel area) where Duke greeted me with such excitment - kisses and hugs.

Within minutes as the mindful meditation started I ask Duke if he would like Reiki as I sat down beside him he sat closer on my lap. That was a confirmation, YES!

Being Reiki is all about being present through love and compassion, for that is the true unspoken energetic language all animals understand, welcome and respond to.

Duke continued with his session in a state of calmness and peacefulness to allow the Reiki energy to go where it was needed most. It is such a blessing to be one with any of the animals and Duke is such a lovely soul.

Then I went inside the kennel to see my friend Sailor who is quite familar and embraced the Reiki energy!

He too greeted me with his beautiful personality of a gentle bark and hand kisses. Once I asked him (it is critical to invite the animal to be one in the healing space due to their sensitivity and respect), you can see he just settled down and relaxed.

Afterwards I thanked him and he continued to rest...

Many animals in a shelter deal with issues including trauma, abondoment, abuse and injury, while some are brought in due to the family unable to care for them because of life changing events. Whatever the issues are Reiki goes to the area where it's needed the most to help the animal to relax so that the body can heal.

If you are considering adopting a new furry family member please go to your local animal shelter/sanctuary and take your time time when it comes to deciding who you think will make a perfect fit in your home. Please don't make a quick decision that same day. The staff should have you fill out an application as well as verify your information regarding the household. Spend some time in the shelter with them and understand that animals's needs . Remember this is animal that is looking for a real home of love and compassion not just a quick gift for the kids. You are inviting an animal into your home where the journey needs to be one of a lifetime mutual loving relationship. It's wonderful when animals finally go home but to have to bring them back, whether it's a day, a week, or even months after the initial adoption creates a level of anxiety and even trauma depending on the events that lead up to bring them back and their personality.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you are or have already adopted an animal from your local shelter I welcome the opportunity to connect with you and your newly family member for a free Reiki session! Email me or go here

Thank you and Bless you for reading this post and please share.

Blessings & may your animal light the way...


Hey there please read my update to this post about how Serenity Reiki for Animals and SARA (Sheltered Animal Reiki Association) will help the adopted families adjust to their new animal family member and vice versa!

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