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10 Tips for Positive Energy All Day

Have you ever noticed some days you are just flowing with good feelings, positive energy within and around creating a perfect day? However then the next day or the following week it's the complete opposite?

studies show animals help to reduce anxiety

Below are 10 tips to effortlessly create a positive day every day with the guidance and cues from your family members who are either 4 legged, furry, feathery, or has scales!

All types of animals can teach us so much about balancing our day to day thoughts, activities and attitudes to ensure a positive flow of energy in all that you do. We just have to be more aware of our animals' presence as well as how we use our emotions so as not to create negative energy that they easily pick up on.

Studies show animals are good for one's health! Animals can help reduce anxiety and lonliness for all age groups, from children to seniors!

So let's get started...

1. Breath Deep - In the AM, before getting out of bed with your eyes still closed, take several deep breaths and all the body to just be. This is NOT THE TIME TO THINK ABOUT THE DAY, but just present with your breathing. Deep breathing is a wonderful exercise anytime of the day to help with focus and calming affect. It is a perfect way to ground yourself, any time of the day, especially when stressed. Deep Breathing prior to falling asleep at night will ALSO allow for a better nights rest.

2. Gratitude - Upon waking Give Thanks to being present, alive and with your animal. Being in Gratitude for all things especially your beloved pet heightens your energetic ability to heal all the while feeling good! (oh and doing this throughout the day keeps good things rolling your way :)

Feeling negative keeps is a lower vibration energy

10 Tips for Positive Energy All Day

3. As you are moving about making your way out of the bedroom towards your morning routine of either walking (or letting them out to do their business) and feeding them be aware of them! Talk with them hold them for a minute and tell them how much you love them.

There's a reason we've been saying "Good Morning...." for how long?! Don't get frustrated or bitter if you are interrupted. Instead, just accept it and stay focused on what is being presented to you! This is a biggy for you will have so many opportunities to play with this concept. You can watch yourself and 'catch yourself', as you look over to your animal for a reminder!

I love this quote and it's a perfect reminder....

Animals help you heal

4. Fitness -Exercise - Whether you have to take your animal out for a walk, or you have kitties at your feet wanting your attention, there are always ways to exercise with them. Whether it's walking a lit bit brisker to give you both a higher intensity to your exercise to throwing a ball/stick for them if exercising is limited. For indoors, feather sticks are great for cats. If's it their time to go out that's where your attention is! With them! You will see a huge difference in not only how you feel from moving around more, but feel a deeper connection with them as one. Same goes if it's time to take a nap. No worries, if you're calm and relaxed they will find you and snuggle up to you!

5. Chow Time - As you prepare their food, especially as they are telling you they are hunger, do so with feel love , gratitude and compassion, towards them and how healthy they are. Now if they are presently under doctor's care, your ability to shift any negative thoughts about the situation to love and compassion that is the best medicine! Which brings me to number 6.

6. Meditation - Taking 5 -10 minutes a day to sit quietly with no thoughts of the day, no worries, and or thinking about what has to be done etc, will not only improve your overall health, it will help your animal relax and recover from any illness, trauma and or reduce stress! The easiest way to start is to take several deep breaths in and slowly out. As you do so just focus on your body starting at the top of your head and down to your feet. Feel free to download my Hara-Breathing (Japanese Reiki Techinque) Meditation Audio to help guide you and your animal.

7. At the Office - Many animal lovers have to leave and go to work outside of the home. Whether you are in your car or in an office setting taking a couple of minutes of quite time is not only great for your productivity, but this is a great time to connect heart to heart with your animal (s). Just tell them how much you love them either through an image, color or words! It's that easy. You can also image to them when you will be coming home, using the image of their dinner bowl. This is also great to do just before you are leaving the house, letting them know you will be home later. If you are planning on a trip that does not include them please take the time to do this. An easy way is just image to them after 5 dinner times you will be home. Use any type of imagery that works for you and they will get it. Remember, all animals are sensitive and can feel what you are feeling positive or negative.

8. Be Present in the Choas - Just when you find your self loosing it, getting angry (whether it has to do with them or something or someone besides them), practice catching yourself and just be the observer. Breath and just let it be. That is giving attention to the moment and bringing yourself back to the now. Allow your animal to remind of being present, for that is the only state of consciousness they know!

9. Volunteer at a local shelter - The rewards of helping at your local shelter is boundless! Offering your time and loving energy without any expectations is the greatest gift to gift! Talk about experiencing a high energy frequency! Here's a link for you to do a easy search for your local area. https://www.adoptapet.com/animal-shelters

Voluteering at your local shelter is such a rewarding feeling

10. Be Kind to Yourself - It is a proven fact that when we treat ourselves with love, compassion and kindness, it automatically comes back to us in so many different ways. The people around you will see it even if they are not able to talk about it, they will respond in kindess back to you.

Treat others as you would like to be treated goes a long way.

Everything is energy and thats all there is to it.

What do you think?

If you find this article to be helpful and want to learn how to connect deeper with your animal my online course, entitled, "Energy to Heal You & Your Animal" is available!

Let me know what works for you!

Thank you for reading this post...

Blessings to you and your animals,



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