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Smile Everyone!

when animals smile, they make us smile :)

#ChangeTheWorld 1 smile at a time. Yes, you can. It creates a shift in your energy field to a higher frequency. What's really neat is when it becomes contagious! When we smile from the heart (I'm not talking about a sarcastic one either - that's negative energy :) ) I know everyone has experience this at some point in time and has felt that positive energy.

happy puppy

As it comes from your heart you are giving it with pure energy and that kindness can go a long way. Start your day with your animal and experience how they can encourage you to feel good about yourself!

smiling increases your vibrational level

So go for it and see how you can change the people in your day, by making a habit of smiling as you greet them with a "hello - how are you doing?"

Thank you for reading this post and I would love to hear how your day went with a smile!

smiles are contagious

In warmth with a loving smile,


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