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Distant Reiki for Caregiver & Toto

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Toto the pigeon

The rescue center in Oman called Tiger By The Tail received Reiki on Monday and yesterday. This morning I contacted the director and he told me Toto is at his home to provide a more peaceful less stressful environment. He is continuing to be hand feed.

Toto has severe dysentery which is an infection of the intestines resulting in severe diarrhea with the presence of blood and mucus in the feces.

This morning about 7:40 AM Reiki was offered to both Toto and his caretaker. Within minutes they were in a golden light connecting them both and I could feel a total calmness from them. Later his caregiver told me Toto rested with his eyes closed. That is a sign of Toto accepting the Reiki energy. He also told me earlier today Toto's droppings were more solid which is a good thing!

After the session I asked him to imagine Toto already eating and healthy and he understood how that creates a positive energy for the bird's body & spirit. He himself, also felt more positive during the session and will hold onto those feelings.

This is a wonderful group effort with whom Joanna Amicucci , a SARA member and teacher connected us all in celebration of World Animal Reiki Day and I thank you, Joanna for providing this opportunity to connect!

We will offer Reiki later this afternoon and I will post with an update...so until then please keep Toto in your prayers in Love & Golden Light.

In Warmth, Love& Light


2-7-18 Continued sending Reiki to Toto - today he rested comfortable...

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