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Why Create Reiki Space for Animals?

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

cat receiving reiki in healing space

Hello everyone! I wanted to share what it means and get a better understanding of Reiki! My Reiki journey has provided me a continous embracement of love and compassion. Learning, practicing and being Reiki (holding healing space) for any animal and their companion, as well as any situation presented to me has provided me with incrediable rewards on all levels - spiritually, physically & of being mindful.

create a healing space

Animal reiki for me reflects everything in life! Last week I was honored to help celebrate World Animal Reiki Day via SARA (Sheltered Animal Reiki Association) and the healing space we created collectively continues to enlighten & fortifes my purpose of helping those animals in great need of love and compassion.

Reiki is Mindful Meditation

Reiki is spiritual energy and that means everything and everyone - all species- are connected. My daily practice of creating & being the reiki space means letting go of preception, thoughts of the day, thoughts of the animal's and or human's story, and just being present. How, you ask? Its all about being aware of energy within and around yourself. A simple Japanese breathing technique allows me to focus and create the intention of being open and allowing Reiki energy to come through and as this occurs the animal will feel the energy and choose to accept or not. Most of the time they say "yes" to the healing space becuase they are not hearing or feeling any thoughts or actions that would otherwise create anxiety for them. Instead they are feeling a calm sense around them thus welcoming that as they choose to come into the space.

Creating this healing space can be done near them, in the next room or thousands of miles away. It doesn't matter where we are, only that we are! Remeber all animals are sensitive to emotions, sounds, site and sights, which is all ENERGY! The connection is all levels - emotional, spiritual and physical.

Yes I am understanding of an animal's or a person's pain as well as my personal pain/challenges in life, both physical & spiritual. Through my training (which is always ongoing), praciticing and working many animals weekly it has allowed me to develop intuitively connecting with Reiki energy through the heart felt energy/connectiveness with them.

Regardless if you are a caretaker, pet sitter, vet assistant or have 3 dogs, 2cats and bunny at home - know how anger or pity, anxiety or sadness (from an animal that is passing away)- that this state of mind does not help them. Yes, of course we all feel them, but you have the ability to take those negative energies and release them so that your true self is shinning for your animal and thus they will feel and see your love and compassion that is there for them! That is the healing space from which reiki energy lights the way to creating that pathway for them. Reiki energy will go where its needed most and the animals know that as well. Please understand that Love & Compassion are not human emotions but are universal energies that are the foundation to any healing process.

Is there anything you can do when you start to feel sad or angry if an animal is injuried, abused or dying? Absolutely! You can create a space of love and compassion and ask the animal to join you in that space and always accept and respect the animals wishes. Several signs that they are saying yes and receiving is a calmness, resting, yawning as well as eating a moving around to a favorite spot and then settling down.

I am not saying it happens in a blink of an eye, oh no. It takes undertanding and practice as coming from your heart. Which we always have moments presented to us to do so!

Below is a video from Kathleen Prasad, President and Founder of Shelter Animal Reiki Association, in a live interview with Amanda Ree of Sama Dog Wellbeing.

Kathleen will guide you through a brief & simple meditation that you can do. Enjoy!


Here is another audio meditation I recorded for you and your animals in how to create a healing space! Connect with me and you will receive the link for it!

Please do not hesitate to contact me for questions or if you would like to share how your meditation was for you and your animal.

With Love & Gratitude,



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