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Being Reiki with Kimber the Cat

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

This past weekend I met Kimber, a beautiful cat (1 1/2 yr old) who is presently at the Baltimore Humane Society waiting for her forever home-family!

The staff asked if I could offer her reiki to help with the stress of being in the shelter. Part of her window area was blocked off with newspaper to help provide "shielding" from the daily activity. When I approached her area she was positioning her self closer to the open area where she could see what and who was around her!

Within 5 minutes Kimber started to relax more (which is 1 of the signs an animal is acknowledging the energy ,feeling comfortable and relaxed.) As she closed her eyes, she stayed resting for about 15 minutes. There are other signs of when an animal says, 'yes' to the energy - moving closer and showing you where theu want you to touch them, yawning, rolling around, moving to a favorite spot, or bedding area as well as starting to eat or drink (especially if they have not been eating consistently).

After that point she felt movement of other people coming by to see her. At that point she was letting me know she was done with the session! I thanked her for sharing the Reiki space and she started to do pitty paws on her pillow as she watched the other people coming to see her.

Being Reiki with Kimber is an honor! Animals are so sensitive to the energies around them. Even in busy environments they can sense and welcome the healing energy. Animals are always incharge of their healing process and its a blessing to share that with them.

If your animal is under stress, dealing with an illness or injury, you can help the healing process by offering them a calm healing space! Everyone has the ability to do this!

I have created a free audio meditation that walks you through on how to connect with your animal in creating that peaceful reiki space. Both of you will benefit from it while providing you a a tool to learn how to apply this daily! Just go back to this blog's home page and subscribe to the free meditation!

Once you receive my 'thank you' email you will have the link that will take you back to a private page on SerenityReikiForAnimals.com website!

As always, if you have any questions or comments either post them here or email me directly.

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