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Healing Energy for Liberty, the Rabbit

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

There is no difference whether an animal is 600 lbs or 6 lbs, Reiki energy is effective in going to the root of the problem. I'd like to introduce you to Liberty the rabbit, who came to the shelter from a very abusive environment and when I was asked to connect with her one of the signs of trauma/abusive was not eating consistently Among several of other signs of imbalances, she was not eating consistently enough to ensure good health and keeping herself hidden in her habitate.

During Liberty's first session she did not come out of her habitate, though she was very calm for she did rest. That was a sign that she was accepting the healing space! All animals are in control of a reiki session. My responsibility is to be there with an open heart without preconceive ideals of where or when the healing energy will go!

As a followup for that day, I spoke with Claudia, (Small Animal & Cat Specialist) to see how she was doing, and about 30 minutes or so after I left, Liberty started to eat!!! I told her I would offer her a session long distance the following day (Sunday) and check back with to see how she is doing. Liberty consistently was eating and showing more signs of relaxation in her new enviroment - though still in a separate area from the Bunny Sanctuary where the other rabbits are, she was starting to show signs of her beautiful personality!

The following week, when I physically returned to provide a Reiki space for her, it was amazing to see a 'new bunny' in my presence! Below are a set of pics and videos from the following 2 weekends.

Liberty started to bath herself in front of me and allowed me to take pics!! You can see she decided to come closer to my area feeling very relaxed and safe. Being in such gratitude as we shared this space together, it truely is a blessing to be with her as well as for all of the animals!

As she was accepting of the Reiki energy, she provided me with a vision of sunlight! Many times during a reiki session an animal will show me a picture or sensation so I may understand what they are expressing in other what they need or giving thanks! In this case she was telling me she wanted to be in sunshine!!! I reasured her I would relay her message.

Once I provided the feedback from the session with Claudia, including that with Liberty eating now consistently being with the other bunnies, would be wonderful for her! Just as I was getting ready to end the conversation with Claudia, my left arm started to heat up and immediately I realized Liberty was reminding me of her message to be in sunshine!! Once I shared this with Claudia, she immediately said, do you have time to take her out? "Of course!!! I woud love to"! The video below says it all!

Upon returning, Claudia told me she would do her best that Liberty would go for a daily stroll. Yeah!!!

The following weekend, Liberty was in the Bunny Room- Sanctuary with the others and was doing very well!

Reiki Practitioners offer a harmonic healing space through intention, focus and meditation to support the animal(s) self-healing process. It is important to emphasize we do not diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, perform medical treatments or interfere with the prescribed treatment of veterinarians. Nor manipulate energy or control the treatment: animals are the leaders in the process, taking only the amount of energy they wish to receive.

Liberty the Rabbit loves Reiki!

If you are interested in visiting with Liberty or any other animal here is the website!

For more information on how the Reiki energy works and or are interested in discussing with me any concerns you have with your fur baby, feel free to contact me by email.

Blessings to you for taking the time to ready about how Reiki can help and feel free to share this article with someone who you feel would benefit!

May your animal(s) light your way


Dulsanea, Animal Reiki Practition, Teacher & SARA Practitioner

PS..This week when I arrived Liberty is now in Foster Care which is wonderful news, and is still available to be in a Loving - Forever Home !

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