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2 Questions Students Ask Me

1. Why do I frequently feel overwhelmed where my mind thoughts are going in a gazillion directions - unable to focus on just one task?

2. How can just one thing or person just set me off & I am not able to focus.

Breathing will bring you back to the present moment

My answer is: you are unconscious, not present but reacting through the egoic mind unfocused! The easiest way is BREATH! This focuses you not only on your physical body, but it brings YOU to the state of present consciousness.

We are all made up of energy, everything alive is made up of energy and what is the ONE thing needed to be alive and live? Oxygen! When I focus on my breath, one of the first things I notice are several of my animals come directly to me. Or if I am not present and too many thoughts are going out there, one of my cats 🐾 comes directly to me looking me straight into my eyes reminding me! This is just one of many reasons why I love working, helping and connecting with animals. Their vitality and ability to sense the energy around them is due to the fact they operate on a higher frequency of energy.

Animals feel ALL energy and do their best to help remind us - 'hey here I am, what are you doing"? But if a person is not aware of this fact, many times, their first 'instinctual egoic reaction' is to be angry, frustrated, because the egoic mind is taking over say, " what do you want now? I just feed you, walked you, played with you..." I think you get the picture of how easily it is to let the negative - reactive emotions cover up your true self! One of love and compassion - without judgement or 'what's in it for me" type of thoughts.

So, any time you find yourself in this unconscious state that is wonderful! OMG why are you saying that, Dulsanea? Because the first step is recognition and shaking it off! Then just be and start taking several deep breaths. This will immediately re-align you. If this happens while at home with your animal observe (without judgment) what they do!

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