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Hey everyone! I hope everyone is getting all of their plans and preparations ready for the holiday and finding time to be with your furbabies!

Below that's Trip contemplating then inspecting!

Trip Inspecting Our Christmas Tree!

For those that have not heard yet, I’ve been working for the past month of launching my new online course: Energy To Heal You & Your Animal! I am very excited about the responses with students allowing that inner peace and connectivity to grow for themselves and with their animal!

This is an introduction course to what Animal Reiki is all about with specific Reiki Meditation techniques allowing you to go deeper in understanding how animals respond and how healing takes place. What’s great about course is that you don’t need any experience or knowledge about Reiki. It is totally designed for everyone!

Energy to Heal You & Your Animal

I created this online course for several reasons starting with the fact that Reiki is a Gift & continues to be an amazing journey for me both professionally and personally and I know the importance of sharing this with others :

  1. Many want to learn (what it means to be present) how to quiet the mind, calm & relax the body through meditation. These are 2 key components that open the pathway for the body (all sentient life) to heal. It's as simple as that!

  2. So many pet parents share their difficulties with me in wanting to understand & help their pets live a healthier & more balanced life. They want to be able to "hear" what their animal is telling them and connect even deeper with them while work on any imbalances they personally may be experiencing.

  3. Combining technology and everyone's schedules these day, the invaluable informaton presented reaches out world wide! You will be learning on the most advance online platform and work at your own pace!

There are a total of 3 Modules (Chapters) of Video lessons, Guided Reiki Meditations and activities teaching you to understand how the energy works; how you create healing space; how animals receive the Reiki Energy and much more! I am available for discussion during any part of the lessons or by email for private discussions.so that you can achieve the body you deserve. The activities - Animal Reiki Assignments are designed to help you understand the concepts and practice the meditations. I will provide feedback to your assignments to further guide and support your healing journey.

Additionally, there are several bonuses, including a private coaching regarding the course material or reiki session for you & your animal(s).

It is my honor and my purpose here is to support your healing journey while connecting and helping the animals in your life.

As you learn the deeper understanding of your energetic love, compassion and wisdom, you will come to understand how your furbaby is a wonderful teacher, reflecting these qualities and more!

If my course resonates and feels what is needed in your life, then click here to get started with the special limited introductory 50% off ! If you know someone else who would be helped by this, feel free to share the sign up link or connect with me directly!

As always, thank you for reading this post and please share it to further help others in their quest of wanting to do more the animals in their life!

With Love & Compassion,

Dulsanea, Animal Reiki Master-Teacher

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