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Pet Grief: 5 Reiki Tips to Cope with Your Pain

Our pets are an immense part of our family and when ever we lose a beloved animal its devasting. Whether it's terminal illness or a traumatic unexpected loss, it is difficult to prepare for I too, have experienced since childhood the loss of many 'best friends'. Many of you know between 2014 - 2015, I was caring for one of our cats, named Fuligan and his terminal illness took me upon an emotional and spiritual journey that has allowed me to learn how to help others in coping with the loss of an animal. The Reiki sessions, especially as Fuligan grew closer to leaving his body, allowed me to understand and feel his essence transitioned more fully into the spiritual realm. It helped me feel a level of inner peace, connect deeper and support him. I knew he was grateful for the loving care received and at the same time, I realized he was helping me! In turn, I was more focused and grounded in helping the rest of the family as well as myself!

Reiki is a wonderful way to support all animals they go through the death and dying process. As a Japanese healing meditation system and focused techniques, Reiki was created by Mikao Usui, for spiritual healing and development. As the foundation for living a more balanced life, he created the Five Reiki Precepts.

Supporting our beloved animals in their transitions, a plethora of emotions including anger and guilt can come to the surface for many and the Five Precepts can help balance on all levels of being - ie, physical, emotional, mental and spirutal - during and afterwards.

This article will provide healing tips through the 5 Reiki Precepts. I recommend writing them out to help regain grounding and balance regardless of where things are in the transition process. Memories will arise and writing them out is a wonderful theraputic form of helping you release that which is not providing you with the balance of love and compassion that your "heavy" heart may hold. These precepts will allow you to gently release and feel rejuvinated as you practice. Start with 5 minutes a day and slowly build up to however much time you need. Just write what comes naturally to you based on each precept. Take one precept each day to help you get started.

The 5 Reiki Precept to Live by

Today Only ~

1. Just for Today : Do not anger - We may feel anger because we couldn't fix or help our animal or relieve any of the pain. In order to release and let this go, we must acknowlege this. Sit quietly repeating to yourself, "Today only, Do not anger" and just surrender to it. This is also a state of consciouness of being present. Sit with this for as long as you can or or need to. At some point in surrendering to it you will start to feel compassion and love instead of anger.

2. Just for Today : Do not worry - This is about the future. When our minds are running fast into the 'what if's', or 'whys' you are not being present. First and foremost, breathing will help you come back to the present moment, especially if you are holding, caring and or at the veterinarian's office where emotions may be elivate and preventing you from being present. This will naturally re-align yourself feeling your body and focused on the present moment. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth several times until you feel more aware of the moment. This also will help you let go of the worrying, where instead you will be with your beloved animal with more peace, love and compassion in your heart and appertaining to their needs with a clear mind.

3. Just for Today: Be grateful - Believe it or not, Gratitude is the one of the greatest healing tools to use. Being grateful with each moments naturally dissolves the anxiety, fear, anger and replaces it with a new level of Love you and your animal have together. It will allow you to be connected with them on a deeper spiritual level.

4. Just for Today: Show compassion to yourself and others - animals understand this for they provide 100% of themselves unconditionally, yes, through Love & Compassion. When we 'beat ourselves up' with questioning ourselves in the manner in how we handled their health, the onset of illness, and or how we handled the loss, we are not being compassionate to ourselves, thus how can we be caring towards others? IN this case, toward our animal. We must learn to let go of regrets, anger or quilt. Writing about it will help you release and open a new door of being able to support them through your love and compassion.

5. Just for Today: Practice diligently & be honest in your work - Right now this pertains to the time you are with your animal, or after they have moved on - and being honest with yourself. With acknowledging and reciting these precepts quietly to yourself and then writing about what comes to mind will help you become more aligned with your true self on all energetic levels. Your animal will also understand what you are doing regardless of where they are in the transition. Animals operate on a different level of energy or vibration and their awareness of where our emotions and energies are is clear to them.

This is a process - a journey of accepting what the present moment is showing you. Its about understanding and respecting the journey your animal has chosen to take. Your connection with them is a partnership for life, for even though they will or have left the body, your heart to heart connection never goes away. I think this is one of the most saving grace's of opening ones' heart to what I believe is a never ending life journey. I hope this helps you and or a loved one/friend.

If you have recently lost a pet or are going through the transition and it is very difficult for you, please Contact Me to find out how I can help you and your pet.

You can also scehdule a Reiki Session to help release the anxiety and emotions that may stop you from getting back into your routine while feeling the love and gratitude from your beloved fur baby that has moved on to the Rainbow Bridge.

With Love & Gratitude,


To read more about my experience with Fuligan & how Reiki energy helped us during the process click here.

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Thank you.

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