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Einstein-Reiki and Loving Your Animal

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Today’s technologically advances have tremendously increased our understanding of our place in the Universe. At the foundation of much of what has been created is Einstein’s formula, E=mc^2. This equation expresses a conversation between energy and matter for on the deepest of levels, they are one and the same.

The access this provides us is to view everything in our world (matter, light, music, Dunkin Donuts, chocolate etc.…) as information being received and interpreted through our bodies and brains as experiences.

Computers also utilize the interchangeable relationship between matter and energy as they reduce all information to either a value of a 1 or a 0. From this simple binary language, all sorts of experiences can be created such as the amazing graphics of the latest Pixar cartoon or 3D printing.

The excitement in living in today’s time is we do not have to be scientists or have access to advanced equipment in order to explore the relationship between matter and energy. Our senses and conscious awareness allows us to sample energy in many forms…

For example, when you walk into a room where people are arguing, the energy of their intensity can be immediately registered by your body’s nervous system. Go to a spa and you can easily feel how its calming environment speaks to you on an experiential level. The feeling created when you pet your dog or cat is in essence an exchange of energy (information) with another being.

Each of these experiences reveals fields of energy. Angry fields, calming fields, loving fields and so on.

Einstein believed there exists a theory that ties everything together called The Unified Field Theory which combines the quantum realm, our everyday lives and the movements of the Universe.

The quantum realm can be thought of as a realm of unlimited possibility. If we shrunk ourselves down to the level of the atom we would discover, at its center, protons and neutrons holding each other tightly in a deep embrace. Surrounding this center is a field of electrons constantly popping in and out of existence.

What science has uncovered is there is a relationship between where these fields of electrons actually show up and something called an observer. When scientists point a laser capable of shooting one electron at a time, they discovered one of two patterns will form depending on where an observer (in this case an electron detector) is “watching”. What they learned is the presence of an observer affects where the particle appears. Before the observer “looks” the particle can be anywhere! This is why we view the quantum realm as a realm of unlimited possibility!

So, if all of reality exists in fields of energy, we can “observe” the emotional atmosphere of our homes and all those in them with new eyes. The emotion (specific energetic experience) each being brings into the home affects all other beings.

The simple translation is that we as observers have the ability to choose where we place our attention aka energy. Focusing on worry and fears causes that energy to extend past our field into our environment and companions.

So too, when we take the time to clear our minds and calm our bodies, peace and harmony extend from bodies and minds into the Universe around us.

There are many ways we can increase our ability to relate to the fields of energy we create and live in. One way is to use crystals (amethyst, citrine, selenite, etc…) to focus our healing and creative intentions. Each one vibrates at a specific frequency unique to its structure and form. Crystal affects can range from increasing higher thought, freedom from stress, release of negative energy, healing, growth and more.

Animals by their very nature are amazing mirrors of emotional expressions (both the humans who take care of them and their own). This is because they do not have a language-mind which distracts their presence into the dead past, daily problems or an imagined future. They are completely in the moment and have no pretense or reason to hide behind one.

Many problems people experience with their pets is due to the animals absorbing emotional pressures to be something they are not. This leads our beloved friends to express negative behaviors, stress and health problems.

The introduction of the healing energy process called Reiki is extremely beneficial in restoring balance, peace and health to everyone in the home (this includes plants and the overall atmosphere). In science and mathematical terms, another word for Reiki is ‘Unified Field’ as Einstein described in his formulas.

Reiki is a safe, non-invasive method to release stress, worry and anxiety all while restoring harmony and balance to the home. The power of Reiki is that it goes where it is needed. All that is required is a willingness to receive.

I am Blessed being in the presences of the love and compassion animals and all living beings, including crystals hold, which began long ago as a child. Since then I has devoted my life to help other's understanding and ability to be more sensitive to the messages our gentle companions provide us through their presence.

Over the years I have studied with several Reiki Masters including Lisa Powers, B.Ki, B. Ed; My Lineage of Shinpiden Animal Reiki Master Teacher training is from Kathleen Lester, M.S Reiki Teacher and founder of Reiki Animal Alliance, and additional training with Kathleen Prasad, founder of Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) is with teacher Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki.

My programs include:

Distant Animal Reiki Session or In-Person Animal Reiki Session - During your special Reiki session, I will dedicate a meditation to your animal, you, & or your family. When one animal is sick, the rest of the family (2 & 4-legged) is often experiencing stress & anxiety which is why humans will benefit from the treatment as well. https://www.serenityreikiforanimals.com/services

Crystal Healing for Animals Certification - Learn the knowledge, skills and techniques to provide natural healing treatment plans for your crystal healing sessions. https://www.udemy.com/crystal-healing-for-animals-certification/

Reiki Energy To Heal Yourself & Your Animal - You will understand the basic information of what Reiki Energy is and how it works with all types of animals. https://www.udemy.com/energy-to-heal-yourself-your-animal/

I also offer a free guided animal reiki meditation when you subscribe on the home page. This meditation will help you relax and become more focused in learning how to be present with your furbaby as well as experience that healing space for you both!

If you would like to discuss any concerns either you and or your animal(s) are experiencing you can email me for a free consultation.

Blessings to you and your furbaby!

In Warmth & Compassion,


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