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How to Create Your Healing Space w Your Pet

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

The article below is from this past February's Newsletter for anyone who may have missed it, or joined our mail list after the newsletter was published.

Here are some ideas this month on how to create your special place for you and your furbaby. Once you've decided on a specific place there are some techniques to incorporate to bring balanced energies into the healing space for you and your pet to immediately feel and sense.

  • Create the room with no electronics or means of interruptions- this will help keep you focused on just being there for your quiet time for you.

No Electronics
Remove all electronics to ensure quiet and no interruptions in your healing space

  • Make sure your animal(s) have easy access to the room - as you are quieting your mind and relaxing, your furbaby will pick up on that and will decide when to come in. That is already a wonderful signal or sign that they are welcoming the healing energy!

  • To release any negative energies in the room, you can burn Sage or incense (any crystal store or purchase on online has this). You can also place crystals around the room following in your intuition to the placement. The following crystals are great for releasing negative vibrational energies -Quartz Crystal, Blue Calcite (is good for helping animals release anxiety over-excited or nervous), Rose Quartz, & Amethyst, just to name a few.

  • Another suggestion is to use battery operated candles to give it a soothing atmosphere in the evening. This way you don't have to worry about flames around your animal.

  • Think outside the box! Literally! Your special area does not have to be indoors or in the home. It can be outside! Being with nature automatically grounds you and if this is where your animal natural resides how perfect to spend time with them there.

These are just a few suggestions. The possibilities are unlimited. If you found this post helpful, then I welcome you to learn how to connect deeper with the animals in your life in learning about Animal Reiki! Take a look at this online course that will provide you with the ability in creating a healing space through Reiki Meditation. Feel free to share below this post what you find helpful in personalizing your healing space! Thank you for reading this post and all comments are welcomed!



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