Provide your animals, your family and/or yourself the gift of a Distant Animal Reiki Session or In-Person Animal Reiki Session

During your special Reiki session, I will dedicate a meditation to your animal, you, & or your family. When one animal is sick, the rest of the family (2 & 4-legged) is often experiencing stress & anxiety which is why humans will benefit from the treatment as well.


Offering Reiki sessions are great to promote and support a healthy pet, it's like giving them  a day at the spa. The sessions can support healing from sickness or injured, traumatic situations at any age. As well as aid in post-surgery recovery, reduce side-effects from medications and can support a peaceful hospice and dying process.

For the Long Distance session, I do ask that during the meditation session, the recipient has quiet time to rest & relax. A photo along with a little bit of information about your animal as well as yourself is welcome but not needed. During either sessions it is ideal to be sitting with your animal and take part of the healing space.


Please observe your animal's healing process including your own and any other family members (both 2 legged and 4 legged) after the session as well as the following couple of days for any healing shifts. There may be areas expected to see a shift or unexpected, either way this will give us a guide to how Reiki is supporting healing. For the Long Distance, I will email you after the session and ask you to provide your observations. We can also set up a telephone call if you would like. I am always available for follow-up either by email or phone.


Average treatment time: 30-60 minute in person, 20-30 minutes Long Distance


A series of 4 treatments to support the healing response more thoroughly is recommended for the animal (s). If you are not sure this may help:


  • If your pet has a serious/chronic condition (diagnosed dis-ease or injury they would benefit: 1 or more per week

  • If your pet has recently had surgery  - 1 / day 3 - 5 days after surgery and then 1 x a day for about 1 week afterwards

  • Less serious issues your pet would benefit 1 x a week until the problem is resolved (Behavioral and or emotional issues would fall in this category as long as the pet or other animals and or people are not in  is not in imminent danger.)