Tiffany Jeffers

... on a whole other level!

Dulsanea is one of the sweetest people I have met. I would recommend her to help you and your animal relax on a whole other level!


Toby struggled for a long time....

Dulsanea helped me recently with my declining, ailing, elderly kitty Toby. Toby struggled for a long time, with multiple issues eventually including a painful eye tumor, which led to trouble eating on his own. We gave him all the support he needed (daily fluids, help with feeding) and we knew the time was near the end. Dulsanea helped me before he passed, teaching me how to better connect with him. She even told me he doesn't like when I called him 'Hey old man," so I changed it to "hey buddy." He was always so loving. As we prepared for the day to say goodbye, Dulsanea was there to help us throughout grief, and walk us through saying goodbye without distressing him more. I think he knew what was happening, but I imaged to him all my prior babies that would meet him across the rainbow bridge, as well as his prior owner who had passed away. She taught me how to relax and channel calming energy. It was tough on me but I know it helped him. Two hours after he passed, he visited me when I was falling asleep. He looked light and fluffy, and healthy. He was sitting somewhere (seemingly) outside with a light breeze rustling his orange fur. Once I realized it was him and said (in my dream) 'Toby!" And just like that, he was gone. But what I got from him was a message that he was safe and happy, like he was 'checked in' and found his friends. He wanted to tell me he was ok and he got there safe (like he went on a trip). I'll always treasure that. But the big thank you goes to Dulsanea, for teaching me how to connect with him before he passed, so he felt comfortable visiting me with his final message. She's such a blessing.

I.o. K.

Hank's Telephone Session

Hank hadn't been feeling well lately. After a trip to the vet, I set up a session with Dulsanea over the telephone (!). During the telephone session, Hank became alert and full of his former energy and our bond has deepened. I highly recommend this service for anyone who wants to bring healing energy to their animal companions and to themselves.

The Meditations Help Me Focus Even More!

Energy to Heal Yourself & Your Animal has taught me to tap into a power and energy that I can use to overcome any adversity in life. The spiritual insight and enlightening meditations created an overwhelming sense of peace, happiness, and understanding, all while bringing closer healing energy and overall sense of total well-being. In addition to her gentle heart and hunger to help others, Dulsanea is an expert in the field of Reiki and will help you find answers for which you’ve been searching.

Theresa D. - Manager PetValu

Hampstead MD

Dulsanea is an amazing human. She has always been there for me, guiding me and making sure I am present.  Her teachings and the way she gives her love and enlightenment is truly inspiring. I cannot thank her enough!

Caitlin S.


Dulsa is wonderful! I am new to reiki for animals and Dulsa has helped me get to know myself and how my emotions and my own sense of peace can effect my pets. I have spent sessions on the phone with Dulsa. She has helped to start our mornings filled with positive energy and peace. I have never felt more connected to my pets since Dulsa started working with me and my family. She is a wonderful person who promotes peace and a healthy lifestyle for you and your pets! 

Beverly B.


Dulsanea taught me how to meditate and use crystals for grounding and overall wellness. The two remote,  over the phone Reiki sessions were more than I anticipated. I could feel the energy permeating my body. She is gentle, kind and explains everything. The long-distance sesson was amazing! I highly recommend Dulsanea for a Reiki  & Crystal Therapy Session! Beverly B. 

Ms. M.

Georgia, USA

Dulsanea was kind and caring throughout the entire experience. I asked her to communicate with my Burmese Python, Remy, about a few injuries sustained and if he was ready for a larger home. Remy was relaxed and calm the whole time, and Dulsanea was able to locate the exact area my Remy was injured, and he communicated to her that he wasn't in pain anymore. He also told her that he was ready for his home to be expanded, which I wasn't sure of yet. Since the session, Remy has been happier and calmer, and I now know he loves me as much as I love him. I am so thankful for Dulsanea and all she has done for us!! Ms. M.

New Update! Remy now has his new home, and he loves his digs!  

Racheal B.


My mom had some Reiki sessions with Dulsanea and she told me how well it went and how knowledgeable and informative Dulsanea is. We have a cat that is very aggressive to others, except toward me. I contacted Dulsanea, as I know she's doing animal Reiki, to see if there was anything she could do to help. I gave my permission to have her interact over the phone with Bec, our cat. I was on the phone the whole time and Dulsanea pinpointed certain things that came to light and suggestions for us to use to help Bec with her issues. To my amazement, Bec became a different cat. Her demeanor was much less angry, and hissing at walls, furniture and us became history. We continue to act on Dulsanea's suggestions from that session and Bec has been a joy to have in our family. If you have an animal with any issues you are concerned about, I highly recommend you seek Dulsanea's assistance. Racheal B.


Followup on BEC: We have had some changes in our household over the last few weeks and BEC is clearly NOT happy with them. I called on Dulsanea for a follow up Reiki Session. After receiving the Reiki healing energy it help calm BEC. Within a day, BEC even calmer and more relaxed than she had been in a while, she even played and slept with my Mom, which she's NEVER done before. I don't know what BEC and Dulsanea "communicated" about, I just know it works! Thank you Dulsanea for being there for BEC. 



Dulsanea is a very talented individual that helped communicate with and send our dog, Lily healing Reiki energy. With her assistance, we have made changes and been able to see noticable improvements in her health and demeanor since our session and consult! Thank you so much!



I met Dulsanea by chance. After only speaking with her for a few minutes, I was sure I wanted her to meet my German Shepherd who is 1 and a half, Riley. Upon the meeting and after Riley received reiki, Dulsanea was able to tell me that Riley just wanted a little more one on one time with me. I work nights and have been taking classes, so my time has been limited with Riley compared to what she is used to. Since the reiki, I have been taking time to just give Riley one on one attention in the mornings and evenings alone in my room. Riley and I instantly had a better relationship upon these improvements and still do. Riley now cuddles up in my lab and is more affectionate towards me. really can understand her wants and needs better since meeting with Dulsanea. 

Sara D. Smiles & Purrs Pet Sitting and Dog Walking


I'm a pet sitter and work weekly with Lindy, a dog who though physically healthy, has been displaying signs of behavioral/mood changes.I spoke with Dulsanea via phone as she kindly offered Reiki treatment to Lindy and it was a truly incredible experience. While Dulsanea connected with her, I could see Lindy becoming calmer and tranquil. . . she even laid down beside me and gave me a doggy kiss! Not only do I feel that Lindy benefited greatly from Dulsanea's compassion and experience, but I did as well. She provided insightful information regarding Lindy's situation and I now have a better understanding of how I can be the best care giver to Lindy. Thank you Dulsanea! 

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